Precanceled Stamps

Locals – General Issues

Early Commemoratives, Bicentennial issue,
Black Harding issues all available as packets
or mounted approvals starting at the 10¢ level and up as appropriate. 

Presidential issue in packets
sorted by states, 20¢ each. 

Washington / Franklin issues are available in
both packet and mounted approvals.
Prices usually start at 15¢ each,
more for Perf 12’s
and perf 10’s.
1922 – 26 issues ( includes Perf 10’s )
put up by state
in packets or mounted material.
These packets are 10¢ each. 

Liberty issue electros in packets sorted by state 15¢ each. 

Canadian precancel approvals available. 

Mixed precancel lots – locals and buros, 2000 for $55.00
and 10,000 for $289.00  in the US.